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40cm X 50cm

Hutong is typical building of old Beijing, and reflection of traditional clulture, for hundreds of years.

There were over 3,300 hutongs, now only 430 left, and this number continues to decrease.

Man-made damage is one of the important reasons.

Even if there is a warning against advertising, the old walls of hutong are covered with small advertisements !
A panda is working hard to clear small advertisements and restore the color of it.

The weathered old wall is the most beautiful language of old hutong, now it is covered by overwhelming small advertisements,

making people spurn and stay away.

We could not stop the destiny of the Hutong being demolished.

We could have kept our homeland beautiful. Regrettably, the nature of human beings for profit only hastened its demise.

We should protect hutongs like we protect pandas.

But we lost it.

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