Graduated from Beijing Union University in 2003.

Loved art since childhood, love of traditional Chinese culture.

Now focused on the exploration of oil painting and acrylic painting.

I hope the help of modern art to the performance of traditional Chinese culture.

Solo Exhibition :

2019 Beautiful Tradition, les chateaux de la loire, France

2019 Beautiful Tradition, Les MétamorphOZes Gallery, France

2017 Chinese Heritage & Economic Rise, Quanfa Garden, Beijing

2016 Chinese Culture, Les MétamorphOZes Gallery, France

Group Exhibition :

2023 14th "Spring Flowers" Paintings Exhibition - Invitational Exhibition of Famous Works, Yidege Art Museum, Beijing

2022 12th Annual "Figurative" Art Exhibition, Light Space & Time, USA

2022 6th Annual Colors Art Exhibition, Fusion Art, USA

2022 4th Annual Into the Wild Art Exhibition, Fusion Art, USA

2021 6th Annual Animal Kingdom Art Exhibition, Fusion Art, USA

2021 "Water/Seascape" Competition, Contemporary Art Gallery Online, USA

2021 6th Annual Cityscapes Art Exhibition, Fusion Art, USA

2021 11th Annual "Landscapes" Art Competition, Light Space & Time, USA

2021 12th "Spring Flowers" National Art Invitation Exhibition, Yidege Art Museum, Beijing

2020 Splendid Mountains and Rivers, Yidege Museum, Beijing

2020 VANITÉS, X-Power Gallery, Taiwan

2019 10th "Spring Flowers" Paintings Exhibition, Yidege Museum, Beijing

2019 Art Revolution Taipei, Taiwan

2019 Art Of Circulation, Riverside Art Museum, Beijing

2018 Excellent Chinese Young Artists World Itinerant Exhibition, China Cultural Centre, Stockholm

2018 China Art Industry Expo, Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing

2018 Keystone Art Exhibition, Keystone Academy, Beijing

2018 Art Revolution Taipei, Taiwan

2018 The Storytellers : Chinese Contemporary Art, Delegation of the European Union to China

2017 National Young Artist Annual Exhibition, Shanghai Himalayas Museum

2017 Winter Blooming - Hui Art Season, Hui Art Space, Beijing

2017 Time Travel, China Cultural Center, Thailand

2017 Collateral Event of 2017 Artnova 100, Beijing 798

2017 Song of Summer, The First Sound Gallery, Beijing 798

2017 Unknown flower name, The First Sound Gallery, Beijing 798

2017 Hainan International Contemporary Art Fair, Hainan Expo 2017, Sanya Hainan

2016 Luxembourg Art Fair, Luxembourg

2016 Exhibition for Nominated Young Artist in Asia, Today Art Museum, Beijing

2015 International Youth Art Biennale, Jinling Art Museum, Nanjing

2105 Art Up, National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing

2014 China ( Linyi ) International Art Exhibition, Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shandong

2014 Artnova 100, China Agricultural Museum, Beijing

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