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Autumn in Beijing Hutong
Oil Painting
30cm X 40cm

Hutong is the typical building of old Beijing, beautiful and quite, which is also a reflection of traditional clulture, for hundreds of years.

However, along with the pace of modernization, many many old hutongs now vanished so quickly in the past 15 years,
and the old flavor of Beijing gone, like the plum blossom, falling down to the ground, little left.

May be, 10 years later, they will disappear from the world, with impression left only.

The plum blossom is the symbol of traditional culture, and the building ( hutong ) is the symbol of old architecture.

As an artist, maybe I can do nothing to stop they vanishing, but hope more and more people can do his best
to protect these old buildings.

Note: this painting use knife carving on wet oil material.

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