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80cm X 60cm

The Forbidden City was built in 1406.

With the fall of the Ming Dynasty and the entry of Qing troops, the Forbidden City became the core of the Qing Dynasty and gradually reached its peak in scale.

After the last emperor was expelled from the Forbidden City, the old palace was overgrown with weeds and no one took care of it.

After the war, the Forbidden City has long been dilapidated.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Forbidden City has undergone many repairs and opened up to the world with a new look, and has a new name, Gugong.

The Forbidden City, the world's largest royal building complex, has gone through many bloody storms and told how much love and hate parting, I am afraid that only history can tell.

With the ups and downs, the flowers bloom and fall, walking in the former imperial city is full of emotion.

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