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50cm X 50cm

The expansion of human cities has caused the living space of wild animals to become smaller and smaller.
Countless wild animals are on the verge of extinction because they have lost their habitat.

Pandas are regarded as national treasures in China, and there are only about 1000 in the world, which leave in China.
They are very well protected.

With the progress of society and technology, the traditional culture has been forgotten and some vanished.
Uncounted historical sites were destroyed and few left.

They need special protection as we protect pandas.

Ecological environment, wild animals, historical sites, traditional culture, these seem to be irrelevant.
While mankind is building a modern society, they are all facing the same problem, either protecting or disappearing.

However, simple problems seem to be unsolvable problems in the cruel reality.

I ask the flowers every day, for whom they fall and for whom they blossom ? They keep silent.

With so many questions, where should we go?

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